Solid (Loud) Matter / 2
Solid (Loud) Matter
Magnesite Norway
A Giddiness Best Left Unsaid
Moon Piercer
Slow /Dark 
Tension Sets
Accord with Air: Tjentiste
S.I.T.E: Malevich
Volitional Bus
Seeking Structural Isolation
S.I.T.E: Ljubljana
S.I.T.E: Screaming in the Everyday

Hard Hat
Sound design

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“In the pre-scientific conception of the body of the late classical and medieval periods, the body is seen as both open to and in complex interchange with manifold external influences, agencies, and energies, natural, divine, and demonic.”

Steven Connor, Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism.

Vibron, 2012

Vibron features 11 painted audio speakers and a vocal composition that over 10 minutes ascends to a throbbing harmonic chorus, filling the gallery with ambiences and overtones. By painting the surface of the speaker cones, the audio signal is distorted and the speakers become both analogue distortion units and aesthetic objects.

Speakers, acryllic paint, composition for voice (10 mins).
Installation view, Peloton Gallery, Sydney, 2012.