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Accord with Air: Tjentiste (2012).

Accord with Air: Tjentiste is a single channel video and sound installation featuring video documentation of solo scream performance at the Tjentiste spomenik, in south-eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina. Designed by Miodrag Zivkovic and commissioned by Josip Tito in 1973, the monument commemorates World War II battle, the Battle of Sutjeska (1943).

Both performance and video composition consider the monument an abstract mirror for the sound of the screaming voice, connecting and contrasting solitude and silence, and audible noise and brutalist sculptural object.

10:00min HD singel channel video and sound
Videography, sound design and animtaion: Kusum Normoyle

Exhibition History: Peleton Gallery 2012, Kudos Gallery 2016, This is a Voice MAAS & Wellcome Collection, 2017. Installation view: Peleton Gallery, Sydney.
1 minute excerpt.

This work has been supported by NAVA: National Association for Visual Arts.