Sound Design

The exhibition Body Image (2014) at UNSW Art and Design Galleries revealed new, compelling, arts-led modes of visualising complex scientific and biomedical data. Bringing together art and medical science, the exhibition took viewers on enthralling visual journeys inside the human body, discovering aspects of blood flow, organ and cellular behaviour.

Normoyle worked with McGhee and the 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab at UNSW Art and Design to produce sound for 3D visualisations of biomedical data collected from real research and cases.

Animation and concept: John McGhee
Sound Design: Kusum Normoyle
Media: Sydney Morning Herald

Aurelia (2016), is a project by Australian photographer Sylve Colless, renowned for fashion editorial work, the Aurelia series saw Colless explore transformation and the nude female form, and later the male by introducing motion by Daniel Borgman.

Concept and photography: Sylve Colless
Motion: Daniel Borgman
Sound design: Kusum Normoyle
Media: RUSSH Magazine, Creators VICE

Experiment 1 (2017), explores the relationship between virtual reality (current Oculus Rift technology) and fabric outside of the headset by enabling the user to touch and manipulate fabric IRL yet identify its position and movement from within the headset.

Concept & VR: Mark Mitchell and Andy Lee
Fabric technology: Nehma Vitols
Sound design: Kusum Normoyle