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Seeking Structural Isolation (2011).

Seeking Structural Isolation
is a series of voice and amplifier performance videos that explores the processes of mediatisation and hypermediation. Each video work incorporates digital effects and artefacts from the production process as active elements within the work.

Seeking Structural Isolation: Breath of Building (2011).

Performance location: TV station and Parliament house, Ljubljana. Performance series
featured in Dogodek: The Event, Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, 2011.
Seeking Structural Isolation: Breath of Construct, (2012)
Featured monument: Tjentiste, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Exhibition history:
Video Music, Bondi Pavillion, Sydney.
Accord with Air: Tjentiste, Peloton Gallery, Sydney.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Yuill Crowley Gallery, Sydney.