Solid (Loud) Matter / 2
Solid (Loud) Matter
Magnesite Norway
A Giddiness Best Left Unsaid
Moon Piercer
Slow /Dark 
Tension Sets
Accord with Air: Tjentiste
SITE: Malevich
Volitional Bus
Seeking Structural Isolation
S.I.T.E: Screaming in the Everyday

Hard Hat
Sound design

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“In the pre-scientific conception of the body of the late classical and medieval periods, the body is seen as both open to and in complex interchange with manifold external influences, agencies, and energies, natural, divine, and demonic.”

Steven Connor, Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism.
Support Material, Kusum Normoyle.
Australia Council for the Arts - Career Development Grant, 2019.

Audio material (excerpts from 3 musical projects):

0:00 mins - Excerpt 7.X, by HVISKE (Kusum Normoyle techno duo)
1:30 mins - Excerpt recent solo composition
2:30 mins - Excerpt from Formant, solo noice and amplifier composition

Video material:
Magnesite Norway, (2018) 2 minute excerpt.
Solid (Loud) Matter (2018), 4 min excerpt. Will to Form: Activated, co-presented by the TarraWarra Museum of Art and Melbourne International Arts Festival 2018.


Solid (Loud) Matter 2018, performance still Will to Form: Activated, TarraWarra Museum of Art and Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Magnesite Norway, (2018) installation view, TarraWarra Biennial 2018: From Will to Form.

A Giddiness Best Left Unsaid (2018), performance installation by Ella Barlcay with Kusum Normoyle, Brian Fuata, for SOFT CENTRE 2018, Casula Powerhouse Museum.

Video still, Accord With Air: Tjentiste (2012).

 Kusum Normoyle, Dark MOFO & RedBull Music, (2016).

Moon Piecer (2017), Kusum Normoyle, installation view, Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, National Art School Gallery.

Tension Sets (2013), Kusum Normoyle, installation view Primavera: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art.