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Normoyle + Rasmussen, Ludo Sounds
Landmark Bar Bergen, Norway.

Ludo Sounds is an ongoing podcast series that focuses on female contemporary sound artists, composers and technicians through interviews, discussions and features of new works. Committed to showcasing artists, the series’ aim is to foster the existing network of women working within this field and celebrate their work whilst being mindful of ‘essentializing’ female output.

The episode is presented in the playlist below where you will also find full recordings of the evening’s performances—Stine Janvin Motland’s presentation of Fake Synthetic Music, an exercise imitating an electronic instrument, and Kusum Normoyle and Mette Rasmussen’s premiere improvisational performance, a culmination showcasing their two week journey through the Norwegian landscape to produce Magnesite Norway.

Ludo Sounds curator: Cara Stewart.